Before contacting us please read the following FAQs and see if your answers are found there.  If you have questions that are not answered please click on the contact us link.

Please be aware before ordering that although we do everything we can to produce high quality rabbits, unwanted qualities can show up in the bunnies.  Not all rabbits will be breeding or show quality.  


1.  Can I have my order shipped?

I will ship rabbits by Air Canada at the purchasers expense.   There will also be a fee for the shipping container applied to your order.  


2.  How much does it cost to ship my order?

If you would like an estimate on the cost to ship your order please contact me and I can get an estimate.  Please realize this is an estimate so it can vary but it should only be a slight variation.


3.  Can I place my order by phone?

Yes, I can accept orders by phone.  I do prefer to use the online method but can accept phone orders.  Please contact me first to be sure I will have your order available for you when you would like to have it delivered.  


5. What if I don't see the breed I am looking for?

I am sorry, but I only raise rabbits in the three breeds.  If you would like help in finding a color or different breed I can always try to help, but may not be able to.


6.  Can I pick up my order?

You are welcome to pick up your order, but please make arrangement prior to arriving at my home.  Please also realize, that you may not be allowed into my barn for bio-security reasons.


8.  Can I phone you to ask questions?  

I am open to phone calls to "talk rabbit", but please understand, I am a busy mom, farmer, and small business owner, so may not be able to answer the phone at all times.


9.  Can I cancel my order?

A full refund will only be given to orders cancelled within 48 hours of your order, or if the rabbit you wish becomes unavailable.  

Due to rabbits being animals, please be aware that at times, issues beyond our control can arise.  


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