AS quoted from the American Standard of Perfection.

Color is to resemble real Chinchilla.  The undercolor is to be dark slate at the base.  Intermediate portion of pearl is to be as light as possible (base to be definitely wider then intermediate portion), with the top edge being a very narrow black band, above this is a very light band brightly ticked with black hairs.  Either wavy or even ticking permissible to make the beautiful chinchila surface color.  Neck fur is lighter in color then the body, but strictly confined to the nape.  The chest is to be lightly ticked with a uniform shade of pearl, slightly lighter then the body.  The body color is to extend as far down the sides as possible.  The belly color is to be white or blue next to the skin.  The belly surface color is to be white.  Eye circles are to be well defined, narrow and light pearl in color.  Eyes-Brown preffered, blue-gray permissable.


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