Welcome to Windy River Rabbitry.  We are a small family owned and operated farm in Northern Alberta.  Growing up we raised animals to feed our families.  Now, we have moved on to not only raising our own meat animals, but are committed to raising good quality Rex, English Spots and Himalayans.

We are raising English Spots in Black, chocolate, lilac, blue and gold.  We are working to bring the highest quality animals possible to you.  This is a project that I am sharing with another great Breeder, Lorazark's Rabbitry.

Our Himalayans are being bred in black, chocolate, blue and lilac.  I am striving to breed the best quality possible.

The Rex colors we are working with are chocolate, broken chocolate, broken black otter, black otter, chinchilla, black, broken black, sable and tri color.  Again, I am working to bring the best quality as possible.    


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